Happy students, lecturers and team at the AVIMA18 kick-off

By 12. Oktober 2018 No Comments
Aviation Management introduction day 2018

As for the WIT team, the kick-off is of the most exciting and joyful happenings that we have at our institute. This year, this event was even more special since the 11th run of the Aviation Management programme is the most international student group that we ever had. The traditional icebreaker session at the AVIMA18 kick-off was therefore very fascinating. As every year, Professor Biermann asked every student to name three spots on the world map that have played the most important role in his or her life. In the end, four continents were represented on the map, once again demonstrating the truly international character of our student body.

After the students have introduced themselves, they got the chance to get to know our campus. During the tour guided by Professor Biermann, our students got familiar with the history of the campus and received interesting insights regarding teaching and research activities at the TH Wildau. Other kick-off activities involved a tour at the high-tech library of the university, an introduction in the IT infrastructure and a discussion of the most important administrative issues as well as study and examination regulations. This exciting day culminated in a reception attended by our students, lecturers and the team. Professor Ulrike Tippe, President of the Technical University Wildau and former Board Member at the WIT, also found time to join the event and hold a short speech in front of the students.

As almost every year, the weather during the kick-off was perfect and this was surely not the only reason for a good and friendly atmosphere within the group. We wish our students lots of success at the WIT and hope that these good vibes will stay with them during their entire studies.