Why study Business Administration?

In-depth understanding of business processes

The MBA is an internationally recognized Master’s degree with the focus on business administration and management. The MBA programme aims at preparing the students for high management levels by bridging theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. The need for leaders who possess sound management skills and a profound understanding of rapidly changing economic processes remains a constant one. Building on your academic knowledge and professional experience (Bachelor of Arts/Science or Diploma), this MBA will provide you with the tools needed for your future in a responsible management position.

Please note that our Master of Business Administration programme is offered in German only. For more information about the study programme, please visit the German page.

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Why study with us?

Theoretical and practical knowledge for your future in a management position

The MBA programme at the Wildau Institute of Technology (WIT) brings together the economic expertise of our experienced lectures and the scientific excellence of the Technical University Wildau, one of Germany’s strongest research universities of applied sciences. The Technical University has a strong research focus in economics and defined digital integration as a crosscutting theme. We have developed the study programme based on the wide range of practical experiences of managers, who are our lecturers as well. The university professors also have gained their own management experience from previous employment (for example at Berliner Bank, DLR, Lufthansa, MTU, Schering) and from current project work in business/industry. The MBA programme at the WIT is proud to look back on more than ten years of achievement and benefits from the strong research activities.

The part-time study structure allows you to work and at the same time to complete a fully recognized degree. Through small study groups, intensive weeks of classes and excellent facilities, this programme offers you not only an effective learning experience, but also by the best possible service and support from all our staff. We are proud of creating a programme that is shaped by its practical approach and international perspective.

The Master of Business Administration is designed for graduates with an engineering or scientific background as well as economists and social scientists. The skills acquired in this MBA programme will, in combination with your previous professional expertise, enable you to lead a larger business unit on your own, assume the management of a smaller business or work at a management level in a large business. One typical job prospect after your graduation from the MBA programme at WIT might be a position as a manager of a foreign branch, of a larger production plant, the management of a subsidiary, or a leading position in the headquarters of a company or an association.

Key facts

  • Duration: 2 years (3 study semesters + 1 Master thesis semester)
  • Mode: 90 CP, part-time
  • Language: Seminars in German and English
  • Fees: 11,800 EUR for the 2-year program
  • Teaching methods: workshops, project work, e-learning
  • Content: Projekt and Change Management; Strategic Management; Personal Management Skills; Digitalization; Data Management and Data Analysis; Human Resource Management; Corporate Communications; Accounting/Investment/Controlling, Commercial, Corporate and Labour Law; Introduction to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Program start: September 20
  • Application period: March 1 – June 30 for students with an international university degree, May 1 – June 30, for students with a German university degree

Study modules


There are two study periods every semester. Students have three attendance weeks and one examination weekend per semester. The timetable shows the attendance times for students starting their studies in September 2019.

Business Administration Stundenplan
  • Personal Management Skills
  • Business Accounting / Investment / Controlling
  • Business, Corporate and Labour Law
  • Project and Change Management
  • Digitalization
  • Personal Management Skills
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Project and Change Management
  • Digitalization
  • Strategic Management
  • Project and Change Management
  • Master Thesis Workshop
  • Digitalization
  • Master Thesis 
  • Colloquium 

Reasons for studying Master of Business Administration with us

at WIT

"While a passion for technical excellence is required for a career in a high-tech company, it must be combined with a realistic approach and a thorough understanding of business considerations if an intriguing idea is to be converted into a commercial success. WIT brings together technical and business expertise under one roof."

Axel ArendtFormer Member of the Board, Rolls-Royce, Advisory Board WIT

"The studies at the WIT allowed me to enter my preferred industry right after my military career. The professional network of the WIT, as well as the practice-oriented study content, have made it possible."

Stefan LudwigProcurator, GSB Ground Solution Berlin GmbH, Alumnus MBA programme

"Since processes dominate the mindsets of modern managers rather than structures, the education of managers has to break fresh ground. The programmes at the Wildau Institute of Technology are a good example for a forward-looking study programme operating at the international top-level."

Dr. Christoph KlingenbergSenior Vice-President Strategie Infrastruktur, Deutsche Bahn, Member Advisory Board WIT

7 reasons for you to study MBA with us

  • Renowned: You receive a degree from a state university of applied sciences
  • Practice-oriented: You gain practice-oriented knowledge and learn from case-studies during intense seminar weeks
  • Flexible: You can combine job and studies
  • Up-to-date: You learn from university professors with management experience or industry-experienced professionals
  • Perfect supervision: You study in small groups
  • Linked up: You benefit from an extensive network of lecturers, alumni, and companies
  • Close to Berlin: From Berlin to your seminar room in approx. 45 minutes

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Franziska Götze, M.A.

Programme Manager

E-mail: info{at}wit-wildau.de
Tel: +49 (0)3375-508-601

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Master of Business Administration 2019

Application period

May 1, 2019 – June 30

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After clicking on the link you will be forwarded to the online application page of the Technical University Wildau website.

Application requirements
  • University-level qualification in engineering, business, or social sciences (Bachelor’s degree, Diploma degree)
  • Fluent command of English (Level B2 CEFR, any of the following: TOEFL, IELTS or CPE). No language certificate is required for native-speakers and students with a degree from a programme taught in English
  • Minimum of two years of professional experience
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